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Ludwig Recordings

Welcome to Ludwig Recordings

We are a new and dynamic record label dedicated to producing and sharing some of the finest classical and contemporary classical music of our time.  Our aim is to present a mixture of music that is both approachable and forward thinking.  We are a fully green label that does not produce physical CDs, but rather, distributes our music exclusively online.

Our initial focus is to present and disseminate the music of composer Christopher Ludwig, founder of Ludwig Recordings, as well as the recordings of our roster of artists.  In the future, we wish to expand this to include the music of other living composers and musicians.     

You can listen to our complete catalogue for free with our site's Audio Gallery.  We also make our music available through the Ludwig Recordings Monthly Podcast.  Those interested in higher quality audio formats other than the standard compression rates found on iTunes can purchase them on (links are provided on this site).  Of course our music is also available via traditional online distributors such as iTunes.

Feel free to contact us with your thoughts or questions.  We’d be happy to hear from you.

Best Wishes,

Chris Ludwig